Monday, December 21, 2009

1.6 report part 1

This is my first report on ongoing project that is 1.6. Please keep in mind that what you will see here is a mere tip of an iceberg. I strongly encourage you to log onto TL and explore new content for yourself.
Without doubt THIS IS IT, the patch to fix all patches and I have nothing but praise for the lazy team of Funcom that took its sweet sweet time to roll out this bad boy on TL.

The Black Dragon Armor. Remember how we used to droll over this? It is yours for the taking!
Thumbs up for listeing to playerbase requests!

King Conan ain't talkative no more! On live I can still bug him about stuff..
One of the new arenas in Khemi

Spectators get this fancy debuff so they are not interupting the duels. I want that debuff on my assassin

This is how you pick your side: click the fire (red or blue)

New icon for quick dismount. Funky!
Can you recognize this room? You sure can't because this is your personal room that you can rent for mere 10s for you and your group in Khemi. One can only wonder what dark and godless RP is going to be brewed in those rooms. Hai! lets cyber!

Room in Khemi (RP)

You can buy food...


Nom, nom nom!

This is how you get to RP room

New pvp items

Resonator area effect

Old Tarantia is invaded by a race of benches

You can sit your ass off

This guy praises the best guild?

I guess...more benches

Choose your poison!

I would like a room please..

Holy shit! 10s for this dump? I can get luxury one in Khemi for that money!

Time to empty my keg so this place will seem like a less of a dump

Thats more like it

New area just outside of Old Tarantia

Looks like a raceing track. What is FC up to?

No room to rent in the Arms tavern but more place to sit..

Didn't this place use to have a fireplace?

This fine lady will buy your crafted gems. Remember how people used to freak out that guild renown system will flood the game with unwanted and unsellabe items? More NPC are coming

She will buy...everything you got!

New sleeping emote...sure I can use that..
New pvp vendor in border kingdoms (boredom kingdoms)

What you see if what you get now

The xp buff last trough death

More reports are coming! 


Samuli Jyrkinen said...

Damn, I didn't know even half of that shit :O.

WIth PVP towers, Sin revamp and the rest of the class balancing 1.6 is going to be EPIC.

johns1 said...

Great job Slith! can't wait to see more:)

Marto said...

Kamukoira said: ...Sin revamp...
Cheers, bottoms up!

Unknown said...

Indeed, this seems like a great patch. I can't wait.

johns1 said...

is it long until part two comes out?

Slith said...

Yes :D

Waiting for next build to be rolled out on TL

johns1 said...

Okay. guess it will take some time then:p

Unknown said...

Was gonna ask on the official AoC forum, but don't have an active sub atm, so hopefully i can get my question(s) answered here.

Anyway, the revamp for the sins, is it sure to be in the 1.6 patch?

Remember giving the game a try back in April 2009, and the class felt exactly like it was back at release.

Am still quite interested in AoC, though Assassin is the class i want to play, but compared to other classes especially in pvp i've always felt a bit underpowered, though could just be myself.

But if i remember right the melee vs ranged/casters in AoC has always been a big problem. Has there, or will there been done anything about that? And are funcom doing any work on the Hide system?

Hopefully someone can answer my questions, and thanks in advance and nice blog btw =)

Slith said...

Hey Nit,

in reply to your kind post:

1. if anything assassin has been nerfed since april 2009,

2. assassin revamp is coming in 1.6.x series which is several months away (I say atleast 5)

3. no word on changes to hide