Friday, December 11, 2009

I have spoiled myself

I have finally upgraded my cheap ass computer into something that can "handle" AOC. With Q8300 procesor and Nvidia's GTX260 I can run the hight settings easly and let me tell ya: Age of Conan is a completly diffrent game. I am revisiting old locations and enjoying the views, but one thing in particular have cought my attention. I used to think that Tarantia Commons is a pice of shit...steaming pice of shit actually because it is brand new location. On my old computer the Commons's buildings were this gray, bland cubes with windows thrown in. Now I know why people are enjoying that place....its all about shadows! But the most important thing is: I can now enjoy pvp without freezes, lags and triping over my own feets trying to land a combo with sudden FPS drops to 7 FPS . No longer 2 pet necros ruin the whole game for me. I think I am ready for expansion....which is coming soonish?

Of course my current specc is nothing out of ordinary or exceptionally great, but I am just happy that the pain this game causes me (played 3 games yesterday agains 3 demos and pet necro) is sligtly less tormenting now: getting my ass whooped with 53 FPS is a lot better than getting burned while trying to overcome 2s freeze.

Expect few posts coming along today because I got tons of stuff to talk about with 1.6 on TL and ROGS xfire preview.


Samuli Jyrkinen said...

Next buy a new screen... 24' widescreen full HD is good enough. The game will look totally different compared to 1280x1080.

Anonymous said...

Or don't buy a full-HD screen at 24".
You won't be able to watch anything in Full-HD at small 24" I'm afraid.

Ofcourse it WILL be absolutely possible, but it won't be 1080p.
That just isn't possible at 24".

Anyway, happy to see you back in the blog, Slith. :)

Jayedub said...

I love reading stories like this, warms my heart during the holidays.