Sunday, January 3, 2010

1.6 report part 2

Time for some more 1.6 goodies from TL server

Get your guild known through this guy well spent

new social items...get hooked on gambling

more stuff to create

lets plant some stuff...boooooring!

letters that will make or break your reputation (I can't believe Conan would read this crap) 

lets build some stuff

you better hope you got someone in guild that has some sense of taste


otherwise your city will drown

in a sea of crap

so much stuff ...

I would drink that ridingn to battle

You can now see your feat points distribution

New guild widow

more guild renown. Please notice the FUNKY FUNK progression bar

changes to building managment widow

more on guild renown rankings

new and oh-no-so-secret entrance for rogue armor vendors

here you can spend your hard earned tokens for paint job on t2 gear :D

And last but not least.....a video featuring 1.6 stuff:

Special thanks to Wood from Exalted guild for granting me access to the guild city on TL


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to have more than just one veteran protecting you?

- Echira

johns1 said...

yay! it didnt take so long as i though:) great to see some more stuff. btw your spec. is it pure pvp spec?

Slith said...

that is not my specc, it is some random crap :D

here is my specc:;

johns1 said...

haha, okay:b thank you for sharing:D are you gonna post something about the sin revamp preview?:D

Unknown said...
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