Saturday, January 16, 2010

[PvP Video: Assassin] "Killing Spree"

Pumpkins, who may or may not be a PVE carebear, released quite entertaining 1.5 assassin pvp video with good music and editing (althou its more about the fights that video gimmicks).

Worth checking out:

source: [PvP Video: Assassin] "Killing Spree"

and yes, I know that those videos are screwing blog's layout but I do not care ;p


NamELeSS said...

very nice video!

Blogger said...

Wooot!!! Thank you very much for watching and for posting it on your blog Slith.

Slith, I owe you one!!!

come to fury mate and we will rule this server... no joke!

cozzano, Zvetlana and Archonus are coming back... and with you we will have a lot of fun! :D
fury is for sure the best server.

you will be able to run every week thoth amon's raid and get your T3 gear.

you can transfer your char back if you dont like Fury, but plz think about it.

Thank you!

Slith said...

thanks for your offer

perhaps next expansion ;p

Rub said...

Hi Slith can u tell me the name of the music in your video Killing Spree PvP(time10:42) it's super! Good work we're waiting revamp