Monday, February 8, 2010

Specc to melt faces

I have been contacted quite a few times already about "the best specc" for pvp. Seems like people still believe that there is an ultimate specc - a specc to end all speccs. I don't have the answser nor do I know of that ancient secret of "best pvp specc". Hell, I didn't even claim that I knew that back in 1.5 . What is my specc right now? Well if you must know I am in between speccs, mixing it up and enjoying diffrent flavors from pure xx/general to the most extreme hybrids. The best thing is that I am not noticing any huge performance increase or drops regardless of my specc: almost all feats are great hence it is very hard to accually gimp yourself (something that was super easy in 1.5).

Just because I don't want to be a cheap ass and leave you hanging - here are the most basic speccs and some with a twists:

Comment: still going strong with the offhand. The philosophy behind this build is that Lotus's miasma deals great DOT and its damage is suplemented via SS/GC buffed with extra offhand. The Agile mind is shaved off in order to get best anti caster performance. You can take point off second wind and put it into natural protection.

Comment: this is slightly cheating because we still drop 5 into Lotus tree, but it is best bang for the buck. Agile Mind is a great suplement to the AOD which doesn't offer protection against stun/fears. If you run into a caster then you better hope you can keep him stunned or you will burn. Explosion is your bread and butter and it does wonders.

Hybrid - face stab

Comment: I have had a lot of fun with this specc. It focuses on Face Stab as primary damage dealer suplemented with great anti cc.

Hybrid - Overdose

Comment: this build focuses on Face Stab buffed with Overdose. With two buffs (overdose, kidney shots) you will be having great burst damage.

...and many many more. Let's just say that "assassin dust" is still setteling and there is still a lot to check out and to test. I will be doing atleast several guides on 1.6 assassin, but first let me enjoy the 1.6 reality with whatever limited gametime I have :D

Until then keep experimating - there is always potential gold to be mined from presumably "stupid" speccs


Anonymous said...

I think I'll focus on Detonation some time forward, if/when you get caught in a Major CC, you'll still (hopefully) Have the detonation ticking, this have saved my behind loads of times.

- Shortblade

Blogger said...

I think you should stop posting speccs, you just make my job harder.
ppl need to learn how to play alone. you just made the homework for all noob sins. :/

btw, Cinemassacre? AVGN? have you seen the ninja gaiden episode? it inspired me to make my next movie more ninjaaa!!!

Slith said...

AVGN rox my sox off :D

Ninja Gaiden episode is best on so far