Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Silver Atrium event - spoilers may occur

The second even in AOC history is live and let me tell you:  it beats the night of lost souls, which is no high praise, but a compliment nevertheless.

The event revolves around new expansion story line and you get a chance to:

a. lay eyes on Khitaian boobs for the first time

b. kill people from the foreign land for the first time

The story

The event uses up old content (villas) and introduces new location -the market. I am going to spoil this for you: the Silver Atrium is not an very secret organisation of assassins (oh thank you FC for that), but a very special market. In this place where people from across Hyboria come to deeds! The gold is worthless in here and your value is measured in your willingness to accept the bizarre and do the unthinkable. Just going around an talking to "traders" shows that the devs have put in the work to maintain the strange vibe of this place with each of NPCs. In other words: this event actually has a story behind it. It is a nice change from the "cheesy" story line of Night of Lost Souls, which was proper for the Halloween, but still felt very much like "Tales from the crypt" and not "Conan lore"

The rewards

As usual: silly social wearable and consumables that everyone gets, tries out, haves a short laugh and trashes. In other words: crap. I dream of events that will let you re-do the content to get truly unique stuff. Wouldn't it be cool if you had a small chance of some recipe dropping or like a unique tattoo pattern to proudly display on your back?. Just getting some silly items, like every single other person on the server, seems like a poor reward.

The rumors

Word on the streets (of Old Tarantia) is that the very day this event ends the ROGS will go live. It is because you can claim the quest letter only for 44 days and several game retailers have already put up ROGS for sale with 11-14 of may as release date. I am definitely hungry for more quality story telling as provided in the event.

To sum it up:


- story line


- zero replayability,
- same rewards for everyone,
- poor rewards,
- no challenge at all,

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