Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wohast shares his wisdom

I am hereby giving you an interview with THE MAN who is using a mouse for everything, he puts the "bling" into "bling-bling", the bruiser and the abuser, the original party starter, the hero of the past that can still resub, pwn ur ass and love ladies at the same time,

now I know what all of you are thinking: Bill Clinton is a clicker?

I am talking about Wohast, the legendary assassin that made using a mouse in pvp look cool (at worst: half decent).

1. You were one of the first 80lvl characters in Age of Conan. Were you power leveling just to get to the end game fast?

1. I leveled to 80 pretty much 100% solo.  Every once in a while I would get lucky and a grind group would let me in...that only happened maybe 3 or 4 times though.  Since it was summer I was able to play a lot and instead of screwing around trying to kill other lowbies etc, I would just find a good lesser known camp and grind my ass off.  Since I was a few levels ahead of the majority, the zones would be very quite and I could go hours without any trouble.

2. You nickname was "the clicker" and in fact in your movies you were using a mouse instead of keyboard. What's up with that?

2.  I first started off as a clicker 100%.  Watching my own videos helped me see the strengths and weaknesses of 100% clicking, so I started adapting to a mixture of clicking and keybinds.  By my last video you can see pretty much everything has a keybind that is very close to the WASD keys, and during fights I use both methods.  Overall I found that the mixture of the two styles was perfect for me and didn't gimp me at all.

3. When did you quit AOC and what was the main reason for doing so?

3.  I quit AoC right around the time when the gem exploit took over, which was also around the time that gems got nerfed.  I spent a bunch of $$ on a few pieces to complete my suit, and later that night I found out that they were all made for pretty much nothing using the dupe method.  At the time I was probably one of the wealthiest players in AoC with around 550g, and losing a hundred or two of that buying duped items that cost the other person nearly nothing really pissed me off.  Funcom did nothing about this exploit and no one was ever punished.  Once Funcom finally did decide to nerf the hell out of gems, all the hard work and money that went into my suit was 100% for nothing.  It had nothing to do with me going from ultra dmg gem suit to nothing and being gimp...I proved in many videos that I could perform the same running around naked.  It all had to do with the fact that Funcom completely took away something from me that I spent TONS of cash and time on and I got nothing at all in return except some armor that was worse then crappy green drops.

4. Tell us a little something about ENTOURAGE? No one dared to copy that idea ever again. It was kinda appealing. How was it working out?

4.  Entourage was the main reason I had so much fun in AoC.  We had a full T2 city, we all worked hard to help out, and we all shared the same idea...screw raids, PvP only.  None of us cared about PvE/Raiding, if we wanted that we would play WoW.  All we wanted to do was PvP, and since we were able to get some of the best gear in the game without having to PvE, we saw no point in doing it.  I got the idea from back when I played DAoC.  Stealth guilds were very common in that game.

5. Any good story involving you, Fatwa and Mephs? Any memorable pvp encounters that you would like to share?

5.  It's been so long that nothing really sticks out.  We were always outnumbered in the fights we chose and 2vs4's, 3vs6's, etc were all very common.  The main thing that sticks out with Fatwa is his forum trolling lol.  With Mephs the main thing that sticks out is dueling him a bunch, because I know how bad he wanted to beat me lol.  Unfortunately for him I don't think he ever got that satisfaction haha :P

6.Would you consider going back to AOC? What would have to happen with AOC development for you to return?

6.  Now that I just got a new Alienware M15x, I would consider trying out AoC again if I ever got a free trial or something.  After a game screws you hard twice like it did to me, it's very hard to trust them again with your dollar.  Getting your email the other day made me watch all my PvP videos again and made me miss the fun, and i'm kinda curious to see what my guy still has on him and how the guild city is.

7. What is your history with mmos? Played any before AOC?

7.  Started MMO's with UO played about 2 years till they screwed it up.  Played DAoC as a stealther class (shadowblade/hunter), and played that for 2-3 years and again quit when they screwed PvP up.  This is where I knew that assasin/hunter/stealther class was what I loved played.  Played AO for a few months.  Played SWG a few months.  Played WoW as a Hunter and got 80.   Then went to AoC and played that till till they screwed it up.  Right now i'm messing around with Mortal Online beta since its free.  Gonna give SWTOR a shot when it comes out.

8. Why assassin? That class was generally considered gimp.

8.  As I said before, stealther class is what I loved and had the most fun with.  The only thing I didn't like about stealther classes in AoC was that they couldnt see other stealthers.  In DAoC if you were stealthed and you ran by another stealther person, depending on your skill lvl you would see him for a split second and could attack and bring them out of stealth.  Made assassin vs assassin battles a lot more common and funner.  I played the gimpest of the 3 assassin classes in DAoC and made it work, so despite hearing all the talk about Sins being gimped, I knew I could do it.  After seeing our abilities end game, I knew this class was gold, and it was just a matter of using all our abilities and showing the community how overpowered we really are :P.

Never heard about Wohast?

Obsessive–compulsive pvper and pvp movie maker

[PvP Movie] "Gems McGee" - Starring Wohast
[Video] Wohast Present's his FIRST REAL PvP Video: "WohTF" - Did that just happen?
Wohast’s “Almost Deleted” PvP Movie  

Leader of most unique guild in recorded aoc history:
[ENTOURAGE] Wohast’s Tyranny PvP *Almost* Exclusive Stealther Guild (It has Begun)

The video in the beginning is Wohast's very first "gank and spank" video and it's been a great source of inspiration in my quest for lvl80


Samuli Jyrkinen said...

Geez Slith, I think this guy was only a legendary assassin for you. No one has ever heard of him :|

Slith said...

I guess you are too big of a noob to remember him from the old days :D

Slith said...

"Anonymous Pumpkins said...

noway.. Wohast was my favorite :)

come to Fury Slith and we can make a rogue only guild with Archonus!

I hope funcom give us an aliance system for guilds.. so we do not need Healers at all.. only rogues to make dirty jobs

April 30, 2009 8:17 AM

Blogger said...

Thanks for this interview Slith! your questions are gold!

If you ask me who was my master, my mentor.. I will shout:

lol even my hotbar is based on his.

I still playing this game just because I saw wohast videos and learned a lot with it, he showed me how cool this game is and how cool its to pvp in kheshatta.

and the songs he used in his videos! "point and shoot - pepper"!!

DAMN good times of noobness.

I just dont understand how he could fraps in soo good quality without laging, I mean in 2008 the best gf was the 8800gtx.

tell him to come in our forum and share more from his wisdom.

Blogger said...

"come to Fury Slith and we can make a rogue only guild with Archonus!"

you said you would come to fury when the xpack hits the fan! what now? are you coming to hell?

Slith said...

oh hell no P,

I found great guild on Aquilonia
I am here to stay

but thanks for the offer :D

Anonymous said...

Any idea if those videos are still available somewhere?

Slith said...

on my hard drive :D

and on Wohast's

Blogger said...

on my hard disk too :P

Unknown said...

heya guys, finally out of school and looking for a new game to play on this M15x i just got. Strongly considering giving AoC expansion a shot. Will be posting here if it all works out :)

PS - will provide a link to my last AoC video that I made once I upload it tonight...i've been watching it several times and its making me want to play...badly!