Saturday, February 25, 2012

[Guide] Yellow Lotus Pet

It smells stunningly because it stuns you...see what I did there? Cleverness! All jokes aside this pet is actually worth a last one. Compared to other pets this one doesn't really brings all that much to the table, but it has it's uses. This is a low priority pet meaning: got everything else you want? Good, get this one last pet to round up your arsenal of doom. Right off the bat it bears saying that this pet is no longer bugged which means it will apply "recently impared by stun" on players. Thinking about abusing it in pvp? Think again because it doesn't work no more. 

This pet does two things:
1. stuns up to two targets for 3 s
2. has delicious animation (boobies!)
Khitaian boobs! Yey!

The boobies part is self explanatory. The stun part can also be interesting for the following reasons:

1. It is a "free" CC, no shard cost,
2. It has no casting time, it is an instant CC,
3. It can be used while on mount, 
4. It can be used on some of the solo PVE Bosses.

I have been really enjoying this pet while on a mount. Ever got attacked while on your mount? Who hasn't *roll eyes*. With this pet you can instantly stun your attacker (without even targeting him!) and then run away/dismount safely. That alone is worth the investment. I have also enjoyed this pet while doing my "Isle of Iron Statues" solo runs. The last Ape Boss can be knocked back and stunned. I am using this kind of combo to beat this boss fast:

1. knock back from using the magical pad (part of boss encounter mechanic),
2. GC + SDS, using my SS
3. Soul Strike on boss, he gets stunned, explosion is applied,
4. Knock back from Snap Kick, Swift Strikes for DPS
5. SDS, Choking powder to interrupt one of his casts,
6. GC, Opportunistic Strike, Swift Strikes DPS,
7. Yellow Lotus Pet, SDS, Swift Strikes
8. Soul Strike for stun, Swift Strikes DPS
9. Knock back from using the magical pad

If I mess up one of the timings I will use the yellow lotus pet as a "get away" CC if the Boss has that nasty, unbreakable snare on me.

Over all it's a bit underpowered, but still fun to use pet. And boobies, c'mon! You won't regret getting this one.

edit: just a little update. Today I got jumped by a barb just after I have ported to Kara Korum from Refuge of Apostate. He was on my back, I got stagger debuff and almost instantly on 50% of my HP. Yellow Lotus gave me that sweet few seconds to turn around, use Avatar of Death and change the outcome in my favor. That alone made this purchace a good investment. Gray Lotus might have given me an awesome damage, but damage wasn't the name of the game in this scenario, surviving and regaining balace was. That Yellow Lotus has provided. I would have bought this over Golden Lotus any time now. Do get!


Mhorgrim said...

Rockin pet lol!

I didn't know of it's existance, nice post Slith.

Anonymous said...

so is that pet working in pvp still?

If so its totally OP pet in duels or open pvp.

stunning for 3 sec and anti cc's doesnt work. In 3 sec sin can kill you;(

Anonymous said...

zolty lotos.. moj 1 pet i 1 frakcja jaka zrobilem po wyjsciu dodatku.. jeden z kilku exploitow w conanie jakie 1 odkrylem i uzywalem:), na test serwerze pokazywalem tego buga z resistem i nikt go nie znal wtedy jeszcze.

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