Saturday, March 3, 2012

Slith's cheesy exploration guide ep. 10

In this 10th episode I want to give you less tease and more cheese with a complete guide on how actually get onto outer wall in Old Tarantia. Explorific, eh?

For this stunt I recomend getting these boots. Speed is your friend. The higher you speed is the longer your jumps will be, it's that easy.

We start at Tarantia's library gardens, near the main stairs. Try to gain as much speed as you can.
 This screenshot shows you the crucial moment. You have to time your jump. The right moment is when you at the very edge so much that most part of your mount's body is already in air.
 This is where you should have landed if you have done it correctly. In my screenshot I have used veteran boots and tiger mount (no accelerated althou it makes the jump much much easier).

 Simple jump, but do not underestimate it. You have to land at the center of the dome or you will fall down.
 Back up a little and sprint-jump up
 For this part it is better to dispmount. Short, precision jumps are key.
 Up and up..
 ...and up..
And there. Welcome to the outer wall. From here on you will be exploring on your own. And remember: nothing feels more rewarding for an explorer that /squat on rooftops, looking all cool, gazing down on the poor shmoos that are unaware of your presence.

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Yiannis said...

Did it yesterday morning! 1st jump is really difficult to make but its really fun to get up there!!!