Friday, December 7, 2012

"sliths account has been hacked"

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So it has finally happened: first time since EVER during my online gaming (which dates back to Starcraft 1) my account got hacked. My Age of Conan account to be exact. 
At first noticed that something was off when I logged on and saw my bars being located on the center of the screen which indicates that game was played at different resolution. When I have opened my inventory I have noticed 78 silver left....out of my Hyborian life's savings. Luckily my character nor the items I have were effected in any way which is VERY strange. 
I remember reading about horrible hacking accidents where the characters were left butt-naked and their shit sold to the vendors. Damn, I have even heard about hackers spending hard-earned AA points on stupid perks (wouldn't effect me anyway, I am almost maxed out). I have two theories on this: either the hacker was super merciful and decided to go soft on me, or he was really in a hurry and decided that my gold alone was enough. I have tweeted about my unfortunate hacking and e-mailed with the details. What really surprised me is that a thread poped up on official forums (sliths account has been hacked) which people offering their support and kind words of solidarity. Even more people contacted me in game, whispering that they hope I will get my stuff back. Here comes another surprise: Funcom's GM handled my e-mail in 8 hours so when I got back from work my gold was back on my character. GM even went that extra mile and checked my account for any missing items. All of them were there. 

So I have learned two things that day: contrary to what some may say Age of Conan's community is not shit and neither is Funcom's Support Team. This whole incident caused me almost no inconvenience and the experience left me with warm, fuzzy, carebear feeling that even in MMO space people can still give a crap about such petty things as someone getting hacked. 

Dear I say that there is hope for the humanity? No. Hope for Age of Conan community? Absolutely. 


Sin Community said...

You haven't written a single word to your blog for 15 days. Are you OK?

Slith said...

I have been waiting for someone to ask that question for 15 days now :')

Yes, oh god yes I am ok. I just have been slacking lately :P I will get back into it, I promise :D

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