Sunday, June 23, 2013

See what I´ve become - Assassin solo gameplay

One of the greatest things that you can find on teh internetz when trying to decide your class in MMO are videos. Youtube is full of them (duh). However what I think people are really interested in is seeing how their class of choice will be performing in day-to-day playing sessions and not necessarily in high end dungeons and raids.

This is why I have prepared video showcasing assassin gameplay along with, what I think are, somewhat helpful descriptions and commentaries so the viewer can at least have basic understanding of "what the fuck is going on (TM)"

As a bonus I have my two old old videos from 1.4 and 1.5 eras. See what I´ve become? I haven't become better at editing videos that is for sure :X Make sure to switch to 480p in video quality settings.

Assassin solo gameplay in 1.4 patch - Hybrid build

Assassin solo gameplay in 1.5 patch - Lotus build (at that time Hybrid was heavily nerfed)

Assassin solo gameplay in 4.0 patch - Hybrid build

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