Saturday, June 15, 2013

Suggestion box: Lotus Overload, Lotus Tainted Blood, Arcane Backlash and Corrupted Body

Since the devs are back into saddle on TL it is time to crack out some suggestions about changes to the assassin class. First on the chopping block is the Lotus Overload which is a subject of a heated debate. Lotus Overload grants 95% immunity (might as well calll it 100%) to spells if assassin gets crited.
Spell immunity means also that assassin can't be affected by those CCs that are non-combo based. LO should only work on hostile spell crits but it is KNOWN to go off on friendly heals crits. Not working as intended. LO also seems to be not having a cooldown as it can proc super often in pvp. 

Cloth armor makes assassin extremely vulnerable to any non-magic based attack, so simply nerfing down anti-magic capabilities of assassin would make him just a gimped rogue. At the same time LO is available very early on so pretty much any Hybrid build can take advantage of LO. Pretty much it's a powerful ability that needs very little investment.

I think there are some changed needed in the Lotus tree itself. First of all Lotus Overload switches it's place with Arcane Backlash. Arcane Backlash is not nearly powerful enough to be soo deep in Lotus tree and it would make acquiring LO a more conscious decision for Lotus dedicated builds. 
Second thing is Lotus Tainted Blood which should be merged with Corrupted Body. On it's own those feats are not all that great for 3/3 investment, but combined they would provide good anti-magic support for Hybrid builds. 

Lotus Overload should become an active feat. It's a powerful ability so it should take skill to be able to use it at the right time. Pretty much the core mechanic should remain: when assassin get spell-crited he should get a buff called "energized blood" for 10s with visible particle to indicate that the buff is present. During this time frame assassin can use Lotus Overload to get 95%  spell immunity for 5s. Lotus Overload should have 30s cooldown and should go on cooldown if used without "energized blood" buff being present (this would prevent LO from being spammed all the time). 

I think this would be a significant change that would allow skilled players to use LO in more conscious way while not nerfing LO to the ground. Switching around the feats doesn't make Hybrid builds awkward all the sudden while encouraging playing around with Lotus focused builds.

If you like this suggestion then go to this thread on TL forum and give your feedback to the devs.

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