Saturday, March 22, 2014

Which alliance?

Since the launch of ESO, at least for me, is only 8 days away I have started thinking what I will pick & choose in my new MMO journey. As you know I will stick to my one character philosophy and all other usual choices will carry over to ESO: my character will be human, male and blond. The race came naturally to me: The Imperials. This is the closest thing to Aquilonians and the racial passives are ok for the purpose of assassination/pvp builds.  Of course they are races better suited for assassin/rogue types , but when I have to pick between getting my character "right" or "optimal" I will go for "right" feeling.
However this time around I am faced with yet another choice: which alliance should I be in? I have went through Elder Scrolls Lore youtube crash course (really well done series BTW) so a have a basic idea about the world, races and alliances themselves. Here is what I have gathered so far:

ALDMERI DOMINION - easiest decision in "what not to pick" category. There is not a single thing that I would enjoy about this alliance. High Elves, in general, can suck it (yes, very mature of me, but I have never been fond of elves in any genre), wood elves are pretty much the same (minus the cannibalism? that's unexpected :X) and KHAJIIT are a race for furries. No need to go any deeper.

EBONHEART PACT - I am very much afraid that this is where are all "cool kids" will hang out. Nords are badass, that is sure. Dark Elves? Well, I can stomach that more than their high born cousins (and sometimes Dark Elves are good, right?).  Now for Aegonians? This is a kind of race that I would enjoy butchering more than haing out with.

DAGGERFALL COVENANT - for now this is my pick. Since all this taking sides turned into figuring out which alliance pisses me off the least, Daggerfall is a prime candidate with 2 of it's races being pretty much human (Bretons have a trace of elven blood). Orcs are acceptable, you guys can tank for me. All that plus Breton assassin is just OP in the trailer.

So what is your race/class/alliance? 


Anonymous said...

Since my weapon of choice in MMO games is bow, first i planned to go with wood elf cus Archery expertise and Stealthy. But, i really don't want to be Legolas.

Now, i dont't know, maybe other comments will help me

Slith said...

I won't "balance" my character around some silly passives. Go with the race you like, or be forever bothered by it :X

Yeah, Legoas stigma can be hard to swallow. THIS WILL HAPPEN--->

I love that you can use two weapons at once so I will go dagger/bow combo.

It is also possible to have dagger/dagger build and take advantage of deep melee focus.

Anonymous said...

I agree!
For now i am closest to pick up Imperial and go with bow and sword and shield, medium armor.

Regarding alliances, dont know, i am in the middle between Daggerfall and Ebonhart.

You Slith?

Slith said...

Imperial, daggers/bow and Daggerfall, I would go Ebon but I can't stomach those damn lizards :D

Anonymous said...

Nightblade, right?

Slith said...

nightblade all the way :D

Arcalimon said...

I'm gonna be a Dunmer and Dragon Knight (Who sadi HOX?) for the Ebonheart pact. If you preorder you can pick whatever race for whatever alliance anyway!

Slith said...

well lookie lookie who came out of the land of the dead, Arcalimon :P

Its true that if someone really wants he can re-create any AOC class.

You can make ranger with bow and traps, you can make corruption based avatar assassin, you can get Barbarian with stuns and KBs

so many many builds to pick and choose *droll*