Sunday, June 28, 2009

Age of Casters rages on!

The forums are overflowing with two kinds of threads:
1# people pissed of with casters (melee users)
2# people pleased with 1.5 (mainly necros)
Things are getting really out of hand and the threads are getting blown out of proportions. The mods are watching the forums like 24/7 now because if they take a coffie break the F bombs and quitage posts are poping out. Like I said in previous posts: the game is playable for me, but it is far from enjoyable. Minigames for example: I used to be top or second in kills in minigames a lot, and now I am happy if I get 7 kills. On the other hand: necro - 36 kills. Happened once, twice, three times, six, ten. What the hell? If single class gets most kills in every game with diffrent people then we might have an issue on our hands. I would have to agree: too much defence, too much HP, not enough dps. I am curious how FC will handle this and how come no one have seen this coming. I have been in game when I have been the only non-caster and two groups of magicans just stood still and spellwaved or traded blows with pets. That is telling us something.


Unsterblich said...

There are another group of people. Those who rerolled.My sin is level 79 and got a free level 50 demo. God, that char is freakkin OPed, lot of CC, hard-hittin spells, just kite, Stun/Root/KB, ... rinse and repeat. Reminds me of the old DAOC times playing a Hib caster: stun, debuff, nuke, nuke, nuke...I'll keep playing my sin anyways, the caster are going to be nerfed like whoa.

Thothamnes said...

I don't want reroll but I pretend a word from Funcom

bartek said...

I like that lotus is now the best of any ass build(no more problems with hybrids- hopfully:P)

But i really don't like that Age of Conan turned out to be Age of Casters and now it's Age of Clickers. No more skill is required, u just have to send your pets, and run, rest will be done without your ingerence (maybe st u'll have to slow or stun your enemy). Same shit is with demo, just click the same spells and that's it.

I said all of this comparing to forums posts, becasue i'll renwem my subscription maybe september. So i hope a lot will change till that ;)