Friday, June 19, 2009

Corruption lvl 50-60

This is where I left you off

Get Death's Gaze
Drop one point into Death's Gaze. Welcome to your first feated CC! You can learn more about this feat here.

1/5 Death's Gaze

Max out Burden to Bear
With this baby feated in you will get a massive DPS boost and FINALLY you will be able to cut through some serious armor. This gets even better in patch 1.5 so this template will stay up to date.
Its a passive stuff so you won't be able to mess around with it, but trust me - its is there for you, working its magic in DPS charts.

3/3 Burden to Bear

Max out Prediction
This is again passive boost, but to your survivality. You will gain massive 10% evade which is well worth 5 points (to compare: stupid acrobat from general tree gives mere 3% evade for 3/3)

5/5 Prediction

Max out Death's Gaze
You won't see much of a diffrence, but you need it in order to open up next tier of your ultimates: avatar and from the darkness

5/5 Death's Gaze

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