Friday, June 12, 2009

Craig 'Silirrion' Morrison speaks on 1.5 and 1.6

The man who takes it in the chin for all Age of Conan problems spoke on forums about what is in the pipe for 1.5:

New PVE group content:

- Iron Tower (6 man),
- House of Crom (both raid and group most likely)
- Thoth Amon's (raid).
- adding replayability factor to end game content,

New PVP content:

- adding meaningful objectives to border kingdom PVP,
- adding the epic PVP armors (in consideration),

see the sources: here and here.


bartek said...

well, epic pvp armors sounds interesting;]

Khalid said...

"adding replayability factor to end game content" Sounds promising and new intances (raid or not) are most welcomed aswell.
I dont want to rant about things thats been said million times, but I cannot help to feel like many of these upcoming updates should have been there in the launch. Furthermore I dont really think these future updates could save the dull end game content, unless they really do something that actually work, lets say, in BK.

Slith said...

expect that shit right after Moses comes back :D

That is my new AOC motto

Anonymous said...

I want more fucking PVP content. I'm already busy with all this pve content and BRC is IMO enough, at least for me. If they add more raid instances, we will probably have 4-6 raids per week and that's is totally destroying EVERYONE's social life. Current 0-2 raids per week is already a lot for me.

What we've got since the mother fucking launch for pvp? Sucky pvp levels and the boredom kingdoms.

FC should focus more on this pvp content, adding more minigames, more pvp gears(no levels, PLEASE) and more stuff like pvp missions etc.