Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The deed is done: pvp lvl 10

I have finally reached the end of my journey: pvp level 10 done without Bori.
Patch 1.7 that brought levels 6-10 hit the servers in march 2010. Right nowe we have march 2012. Two years. Obviously I must have enjoyed my pvp otherwise there is no chance in hell I would have sticked with something I hate for such a long time. Since pvp lvl 8 my levels have been without any gear motivations and still I have been actively pvping. I must just like pvp then, eh? Undoubtedly. And to be absolutely honest with you: my push for pvp lvl 10 (if doing normal minigames like every day can be called pushing) was more of "let's get this done" than "I want to be level capped". You can ask: what now? Well, I guess I will do more pvp. And what if I have done Bori in 2010 and gained my level and gear through farming? It seems like it wouldn't have made a slightest difference since obviously I am not staying engaged with pvp for gear or level progression.
Anyway, minigames as a gateway to pvp lvl 10? Don't try this at home!


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That is sme serious work put in. Big congratulations!


Anonymous said...

Awesome, Slith! Gratz.