Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Age of Conan open world pvp

Yesterday we have had great, staged up open world pvp "in defense of King Conan" - Sanguis Attexo vs Nova Krepusko.

I had a chance to finaly test the assassin in bigger scale battles and here are few of my tips:

1. Stay back at the begining - your role should be picking off cluless people who rushed thru your lines to get caster/healers. Be there so the healing is undisturbed

2. Life leech - if you get a shard use it on life leech for MASSIVE stamina,HP and mana regeneration. The more sources to leech from the bigger are the returns and big battles are begging for your DOT.

3. Join the fight after the line has been broken - you have no place in battle until the rangers have traded their blows becouse the minute you show up you will be focus fired by them.

4. CC is death - if you show up use all of your anti CC and anti damage at once because your life span will be so short that there will be no chances for HP regeneration. If you watch the movie you will see I got demo rooted the second I showed up (avatar saved me).

Thanks to both guilds for a great battle and RP event.

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Anonymous said...

You should definitly do more world pvp. It's the best source of pvp. Zergs sucks ass but you don't have to participate to them if you don't like. The best pvp for Assassin is solo pvp, you just wander in khesh and stab people. Kill groups of people when they least expect it. Nothing is trully more fun.

- Notark