Monday, February 23, 2009

Border kingdom = fun

I am having a blast with new border kingdom cimmerian end. The pvp resources droping in pvp is briliant (so far I was the looter and haven't been looted ;p).Ofcourse the ZERG is inevitable, but the dynamic of the border kingdom makes it fun, even if you are the victim of the zerg. Here is why: if you mine the pvp resource nod it will light up on the map as red icon, so if there are groups in the area they will rush to that spot to kill the miner and hopefuly - to get this lootie. If you mine quickly and have someone stealth scouting the area you can get out of the spot just before the big zerg rolls in. Yesterday we have escaped the 30 man SCUM that literally poured into area like a big flood.
Here is a little movie that I made - it would have been better if the main forces did not interupt our hostile takeover, but never the less it was big surprise for us to see our guildies chagrge in from other direction.

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