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[Guide] Sneaking

;Here is a break down of stealth system used by Assassins

I. The gem
The very first thing you should notice (for some reason people miss it at first, myself guilty of it too) is the little gem just below your minimap. Simply put: white means bad, black means good. The brighter the gem gets the easer you will be noticed, and vice versa - black makes you less likely to be noticed by mobs/players. The gem changes it's states accordingly to the ammount of light in your area: if you will try to be sneaky at noon in the Poitain you will fail, but if you are doing some ninja stuff in the sewers - they will not see you coming.

Note: the gem is rather hard to see and lets be honest: sneaking isn’t REALLY a big part of this game so rather than constantly checking your gem - go for common sense (like: DO NOT sneak near torches, campfires etc.) mixed with speed (just go, don’t try to “play it smart” by creeping up on a single mob for 2 minutes).

II. Bonuses that come from stealth attack (rogues do IT from behind)

Normal stealth attack:
1/ you will do fast hit with decent damage,
2/ you will instantly gain 2 shards (when in unholy stance)
3/ you have a chance to perform instant kill in a form of special fatality – this works on low level players/mobs and players already low on HP

Stealth attack from the behind:
1/ your stealth attack with get 10% dmg boost for landing on unshielded side (back is always unshielded),
2/ you will instantly gain 2 shards (when in unholy stance)
3/ you have higher a chance to perform instant kill in a form of special fatality – this works on low level players/mobs and players already low on HP (the bigger the damage the more likely it is that fatality will proc)
4/ you will apply stagger snare on players – this snare cannot be dispelled or removed in any way

As you can see attacking from behind is clearly superior to just going in and landing stealth attack on someone.

Note: applying stagger to your opponent as a fight opener with added benefit of surprise from stealth attack is often more than enough to make them defenseless. If you follow the attack with Grimm corruption the snares will stack and the target will practically be rooted.

III. Stealth attack follow ups

Since corruption/hybrid trees benefit the most from the stealth attack (shard gain) here are few follow ups for PVP:

After you stealth attacked someone:
1/ Corrupting strikes into death’s gaze – unload the buffed SS into slow moving, snared target,
2/ Death’s gaze into From the darkness into Snap kick – this one is called “chain cc” and will kill most targets without chance for them to fight back. Fear your target, run back, attack with FTD and after landing a stun on him – knockback with snap kick.

Note: most opponents will try to apply their cc on you moment after you sneak attack them, be ready with general tree anti CC or use Avatar right after you landed your hit.

Note: as lotus assassin you can prevent chain CC with quick tab targeting the attacker and using curse of lotus for fear.

III. Stealth poping

To get someone out of stealth is called “poping”.

Here is what will pop you out of stealth:
1/ falling damage
2/ aoe damage
3/ dot damage (if you went into stealth with a dot)
4/ aoe fears
5/ aoe traps
6/ aoe knockbacks
7/ using a skill or a combo

Note: Bosses and Mini Bosses will always pop you out of steath regardless of any conditions. FC confirmed that bosses have 360 radar jammed up their asses.

Here are few ideas on how to pop someone as assassin:
1/ necrotic leech – aoe damage spell. Needs shard.
2/ death whirlwind – aoe damage combo. Doesn’t require shards to pop.
3/ curse of lotus – aoe fear. Requires target to be used (so you can pop someone if they are near the feared target)
4/ use search – good luck with that one..

How to notice that someone is sneaking nearby:
1/ going into stealth makes characteristic sound (*swoooosh*) so there is a chance you could hear that,
2/ as of 1.4 assassins are buged and you can see their dagger’s “reflection” as they are sneaking

IV. Skills usable in stealth

As a general rule if you use anything in stealth it will pop you out of it.

Here are few exceptions:
1/ stance switching – you can switch stances in stealth from corruption to lotus and vice versa
2/ you can be healed in stealth – if you poped pot before you went into stealth
3/ you can draw out weapons – as a rule you should always have them out
4/ ambush feat is usable only in the

V. Improving stealth

I would advise against it. If you *REALLY* want to improve your stealth here is what you can do:

1/ Swift Shadows 3/3 – gives bonus to sneaking movent speed
2/ Skulk – same as above, but in a form of a skill
3/ Ambush – FTD’s poor cousin, charge usable only from stealth that gives no stun.
4/ Concealment – boost your team’s stealthing and waste 2 points.
5/ Itemization – some items give boost to the sneaking

Note: assassin forum members report that there is virtually no difference between 100 sneaking + items boosts and 900 sneaking. Keep that in mind.

VI. Tips

1/ Stick to walls when sneaking, it helps
2/ when attacking from stealth use up-center attack to get bonus from attacking from behind
3/ to ensure stagger on your target follow the stealth attack with up-center white hit


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