Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pictish e-peen

Time to weave my e-peen a little: seems like my feedback from 1.4 slaughterhouse review have been taken into consideration.

Lets go down the check list:

1/ more blood, dust and gore - CHECKED!
2/ Picts fighting with clubs instead of sword+shields - CHECK! (very pleased about that change, fits the lore better)
3/ More ghosts please - CHECKED!
4/ Ghost boss doing some ghost attack - CHECKED! (it is SUPER freaky! I will not spoil it thou)

The slaughter house is very polished instance and it is all thanks to...all the people that gave it a shot on test server and wrote feedback in Official Slaughterhouse Cellar feedback and issues thread! I have given my 2 cents in that thread, but honestly it was community that helped the FC to take it to the next level. So thank you to the community and than you to the developers for listening to the feedback.


Anonymous said...

yeah but they removed the blue loot from bosses.. now they drop only green shite..

Cellar = Villas :(

Slith said...

No they are NOT!

I have killed ghost boss twice yesterday and I got:

- green skirt
- kick ass BOP blue heavy armor

One of picts also droped BOE blue legs.

The GOOD loot is still there.

Anonymous said...

I just finished the slaughterhouse cellar and damn I didn't got chance to see ghosh boss ghost attack! I killed it too fast with chain cc and all buffs before the boss was even able to even touch me ;_;