Sunday, February 8, 2009

Conan: The thunder

I am reading an ULTRA rare Conan book. I it so rare that I couldn't even find it on wiki. In 1933 mr. Howard published "The Sowers of the Thunder" a book about Turkish empire and a loney hero that marks his place in history. In 1990 Richard Cameron edited that book so it fits the Hyborian world (Turkey being made into Turan for example) and the main hero - Conan himself(which wasn't hard because Howard's hero a very similiar). Apart from some minor issues (like Conan being the fallen King, but not of the Aquilonia) it is a Conan book by Robert Edward Howard. Mr.Cameron did very very good job of transfering the Turkish empire into Hyborian setting and the main character is as Conan as you can get.

note: the picture features the original REH pice, I couldn't find anything on Cameron's edited version.

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