Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lotus heightened senses solution to 1.5 lotus?

This was supposed to be a short reply to 1.5 assassin thread post, but it kinda grew into this article:

Even if FC's intention is to polarize the Lotus=caster Corruption=armor killers, corruption, while superiror at cutting armor, still handles casters well (charge, aod, good fear) while lotus can be geat against casters we just plain suck against armor users..

Armor to damage ratio
we don't have armor to go toe to toe with any class. In case of stun/root/snare/knockback that we can't get rid off (stagger..) we can only stand and take it. It doesn't matter how hard out opponent hits in melee, his armor to damage ratio still will come out better as compared to our armor to damage ratio. We dish out not enough damage to make up for lack of armor. The obvious fix is not to jack up the damage, but to balance armor a bit, or tweak lotus with some evade feat that is not once-every-5-fights.

Survival in melee
We don't have survival stuff for melee. Not just some fancy 2 minute feat like curse of the lotus (which is great), but simple fight-to-fight feat that can bail our asses in sticky situations. Corruption has Death's Gaze and Vampyric nature both on 1m cooldown. Yes, you need shard for it so I am not asking for "get out of jail card" every 1 minute, but some feat that bases on our evade (this seems to be lotus theme), and can be used only under specific circumstances.


Since our lotus feats are already based on target's HP, lets bring the concept to our HP:

Buff: as we get lower on HP we get buffs to evade. 90% is +5% evade, 70% is +10% evade 50% is 15% and so on. The evade buffs last 5s and can be reapplied - if enemy lands succesful attack on us. The evade buff cannot be refreshed - hit no. one applies evade effect, but hit two won't do nothing until evade buff fades after 5s.
Feat name: Lotus heightened senses

Cooldown: 1 minute
Effect: next melee attack applies Lotus heightened senses buff. The ammount of evade gained increases with your health getting lower.

How to fight LHS: wait with your last combo step for the buff to fade and then unload it, knockback
Closing notes:
- Lets not forget that de facto all corruption build have pernament +10% evade with prediction feat.

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