Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Burned out on AOC

All I wanted is to log on and play some pvp in Age of Conan:

This is what I got:
6 waiting around respad, the rest hidden behind or near gates. People on respad mostly waiting for their Patch of Aura Cooldown.
Tried to sneak pass them, but got tracked & traped (also known as TNT)
After 15 minutes minigame UI have shown 2/12 people for minigame (me included) and at that point I have loged :/

Playing since the launch and with /played of 32 days today my back was finaly broken.
I don't know where should I got from here? I don't raid, I want to pvp! Even if I somehow crawl to pvp lvl4...then what? There is nothing to enjoy no more in AOC.
Perhaps another mmo?


Pumpkins said...

maybe you need a break.. cancel your sub and come back at patch 1.05..

Anonymous said...

Well.. it is a RP server, perhap time to start RP?