Sunday, June 21, 2009

Slith's cheesy exploration guide episode 3

This is crazy. It seems like all I do is Age of Conan is grind mats for gold (need to buy whole Bossonian set) and explore Khemi - and I enjoy it! Recently Tharik posted some inspiring screenies in Atzels and Khemi.

I was wondering and even attempting "the temple" for some time, but it was today that it "clicked" with me. The girl is the key, seek out the girl.
Getting on first tier of "the temple" unlocks so many possibilities that my head started to spin. I was really excited to get here.So much to try, so little time. Tommorow I will be cracking more on that place. So technicaly I didn't beat Tharik's challenge, but I have it within few jumps...hopefuly.
Then quite possibly go to Tarantia (love that place, but Khemi gots it's own unique style too).
I am thinking about doing some basic stuff on video (mainly showing the most basic of exploration - movment, jumping, wall sliding), but I am putting that in "maybies basket" for future. What is interesting that Aquilonian assassins community seem to catch up with exploration and I see people attempting on their first exploration journey, or whispering me about it. That is good! More people = more places found = more to explore and achieve.
Atleast it takes assassin's minds off whats going on with 1.5: people don't undestand stats that have been put to the game to make it easy in the first place. Can't argue there, its fucked.

Keep the exploration going - check the topic on AOC boards.


Fass said...

Im afraid you wont get any higher than this.

Beware, there are tons of holes with no returns...

Tharik said...

How the f...!??

Lol, looks like I'm gonna have to take my climbing equipment back after months without using it...

Slith said...

Yeah, thats a juicy screenie Fass, going there today to look around and think some more

Marto said...

"people don't undestand stats that have been put to the game to make it easy in the first place."

I was pretty set back by what came up in that thread and the "[Bug] Grim Corruption Debuff/Stances" thread on th 'sin board.

Guess it's time for a Combat mechanics compendium :)

Tharik said...

Hi again guys,

I'd like to say something, that I think its really important if people wanna keep doin' this kind of exploration staff.

Slith, the post you've made in the oficial forums of AoC about exploration is great, but theres a big problem with that... FUNCOM is reading and looking at those screenshots that other explorers send, and im pretty sure that if people keeps posting screens, tips and new places that they've found on that forum, in the future we'll have no more exploration staff cause they will put invisible walls everywhere, and the party will be finished...

For that reason, I request to you, Slith, if you wouldnt mind to close the post.

Now, coming back to the main topic, I promised to bring some screenshots about my explorations in the Noble District, and well... I've had to make a .Rar file cause it would take me years to upload the 57 screenshots that I've took, so here we go:

Hope you like it.


PS: Fass FFS, give a bloody clue about how to get to there XDDDD, jeez, I've been the whole afternoon trying to reach that point, but I simply cant, common, give us a clue! xD.

Fass said...

I am not really good at giving clues.
Just imagine your spiderman :).

Anonymous said...

Thothamnes emulates Slith and now is the unofficial cat of Khemi..screen coming soon.

Tharik said...

"Just imagine your spiderman :)."

LOL, I'll come back this afternoon, but dont think I'll be able to discover it... xd


Thothamnes said...

only few screen. New locations coming soon