Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ah, to sail an open sea...

I am re-reading the story of BĂȘlit, Queen of the Black Coast:

"With twenty men at the oars, three at the sweep, and the shipmaster, the crew was complete.So the Argus pushed steadily southward, with consistently fair weather. The sun beat down from day to day with fiercer heat, and the canopies were run up--striped silken cloths that matched the shimmering sail and the shining goldwork on the prow and along the gunwales"

There is nothing I want from Age of Conan than being able to sail the open sea...Everytime I am looking at shores I wonder what would it be like if we could sail from Khemi to Old Tarania and from there to Barachian Isles..and beyond.

Conan agreed. He generally agreed to her plans. Hers was the mind that directed their raids, his the arm that carried out her ideas. It mattered little to him where they sailed or whom they fought, so long as they sailed and fought. He found the life good.

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