Monday, March 9, 2009

But I need my EPIX0rzs!

Some of us said that epix items droprate got nerfed and thats why there are none around, others said that epix0r0r0rz are still around, but server population is too low so there are not enough people to farm mobs for them. Oh how we were wrong: epic world drops are currently removed since "Poitain demons" incident. Read the story here.
For those of you who are too young to remember the Potain demons I explain: before scumy Nemedians laid siege to Poitain, there were demons occuping Poitain (they looked like Demo's Pet). Those demons got bugged and were droping eXPPIRr0r00r0rz0z0z0Z at crazy rate (around 40%). People got all kind of epic items and you could get them on trader as low as 3g for Scorpion's pray and 5g for Widow's pain. I got me two of each ;p.
For some reason FC did not confirm this unwelcomed change until today. So don't farm mobs hoping to see that purple dreams of yours because they are simply not in game anymore. Also I am sorry for my spelling of word "epic", but I can't help myself.

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