Saturday, March 14, 2009

Yellow Gremlin brings WOW to AOC

The good people at yellow gremlin (best database for AOC) came up with Age of Conan profiler - wow armory style:

"We just launched the beta of our profile screenshot system! Some of the core features are:
  • Both normal and high-res image sizes! (Just click the profile image for high-res)
  • Ability to see screenshots for just about 250,000 profiles!
  • On demand screenshot creation that will update when your gear does.
  • Screenshots automatically queue up to be created just by visiting your profile page.
  • You can see screenshots for every level of your character."
see the source.

Can't say I wish it was FC doin' that, but can't complain either - the community must be strong and develop it's own tools. If you are unlike me (lvl3 pvp gear + rags like imp skin robe that goes on trader for 10s) and you have few EPICX0rz items to show off get a profile on yellow gremlin.

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