Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Assassins hideout podcast - ep.2

show notes:
first look at AOC expansion info
- Eurogamer article

title of the post is a link to the podcast.

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Stykka said...


Im reading the site for a long time, really good work, and it helped me really really much. This podcasting was also a great idea.

And about the topic: Yeah it has quite a WoW stink, and I played for 5 years, but after the WotLK it's gotten really dull. I hope bugcom won't make the same mistakes, but we'll see. Hmmm assassins with ninja outfit? o.O
And about the classes (as i noticed every race has 6 classes) they could be: assassin, ranger, all three soldier, and demonologist (or two soldiers, sin, ranger, demo and hox or necro).

((And still no player housing. *sad panda*))