Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lotus bomb aka Curse of the lotus

This feat comes directly from Rogues in the House by R.E.Howard - there is no doubt about it. Right now the feat says "Detonates small Lotus powder bomb amongst assassin's enemies, causing them to become confused for a short period of time", but it used to have this text "and unable to tell the diffrence between friend and foe" (you can still read the original description on ConanArmory). In the story there is an ape - Thak - that activates a device that traps few "assassins" (not the "real deal" guys, some political cutthroats) in glass walls and then lotus pollen that falls on them drives them mad, causing them to kill each other in most horrid way. Apparently Funcom wanted to give us same stuff, but there must have been problems with implementation that into AOC.

Check the story, it's one of Howard's best.

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