Monday, December 15, 2008

Lotus crit rate

There was some oh-not-so-great post on Test life forums calling for assassin nerf because of their combo starter crit damage. The thread starter suggested that assassin with both OP and SW (sense weaknes) which affect crit rate, can deal massive damage (with a little help from other buffs) just by doing combo starters. I called bullshit on this, but then said that I will test it. I did mob test because my rule is "if it ain't working on mobs, it sure as shit won't work on people". I did quite few tests, but here are the most representative results:

Buffed SS (regular combo):

Buffed openers (with chance to crit):

With Buffed SS you get constant damage with 3 keystrokes and buffed openers will give similiar damage with A LOT of "keyboard" dancing.

Also: combo openers do not benefit from +25% range which is granted to last combo step, it much harder to land 3 x openers vs 3 combo steps to SS.

Conclusion: buffed openers crit give a mere chance to deal good damage and even when all of them crit (rate is 25%) - it is still within the realms of buffed SS. Not worth the fuss.

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