Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Massively shits on AOC

Massively - part of Virginworlds podcast collective - in a last show did some more AOC bashing, criticizing the server mergers. Althou "Massively" is by far my favorite podcast, Shawn and Michael, Tim Dale and Jon Shute don't know anything about current state of Age of Conan, and are basing their opinions on their first experience with the game which could have been unpleasant. The aoc part of the show actually got me a little angry which is the first sign that I am turning into fanboiiii..and clear evidence of my own hypocrisy - I shit AOC all the time (or am I only going hard on FC and not the game itself?). I could write a long and hart filled e-mail to Massively, but whats the point? I rather have Funcom changing those gentlemen's minds and damn, it will take some work, let me tell ya.

BTW - Do check that show, it is made by very talented and entertaining people.

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