Thursday, January 29, 2009


in [Suggestion] Revamp the Rogue general tree thread at test live forums, FC team member - Cerard had this to say:

"While it is much appreciated, to have such suggestions, I might want to add something:

It is no secret that there might be issues with the Asassin. As the Dev Team always works on fixing these issues in order to make this class fun for everyone, it should be reasonable to wait for improvement suggestions until all the fixes on this class have been done, to get a clearer picture.

Remember the improvements you suggested are based on what you experience now. But what will be once the char has been "fixed" completely? Your suggestions might be outdated and needs an update again

So sometimes it is good to wait a few days longer, in order to make a suggestion, then giving feedback on something "unfinished" I hope you can understand, what I am up to "
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