Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tired of Funcom bashing..

Seriously, I am tired of coming home, using a lolcat builder to create half-baked FANNY jpgs featuring somekind of fuzzy animal and then writing post on how much Funcom sucks. What kind of news is that? It reeks of 70' superhero cartoons where TV-news-guys used to report news like this:

"and now in a breaking news - Dr. Evil did more evil."

Now, I am not saying that Funcom is evil, but I am sure as hell thinking that!
I will not go over things that Funcom could do better when it comes to managing their community because people that are smarter than me already did that: quite a while ago Amorey, a very active poster, made a thread Building the Age of Conan Community that is superb and should be Funcom's staff bible. Why Funcom isn't doing exacly as stated in that thread is beyond me! Age of Conan's community consist mostly of mature males so it got a lot of potential (as opposed to community consisting mostly of pre-teen males who can't get organized to do fuck all, l2p crowd). But the community needs to be feeded with news and Funcom won't give any because "we'rz too buzy with teh patchorz to post newz, biotches!". As DIRECT result of Funcom's "no news" policy our only podcast (WOW got them in hundrets and WAR got atleast few) Hyborian Herald Podcast went down HARD - it's hard to do podcast on how there is no news. Funcom just doesn't understand that people are not buisy plaing AOC all the time - they are in fact at work, browsing forums for any news to keep then interested enough to log on when they get home. Apparently I am not the only one disappointed in Funcom's overall performance - Kruella thinks so too. The sad, sad thing is this is what Funcom thinks about their crappy policy:

"(...)call me silly but I think the communication that we have now is quite good



Ofcourse I won't even attempt to make a thread about this issue on main boards - it already failed here and here so why bother.

Please, oh please Funcom - change your wicked ways...

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