Thursday, May 21, 2009


There is a lot that could be said about Age of Conan as a game, but I firmly believe in AOC community. Even at it's worst (hate tells, stupid names) AOC commmunity is the most mature on the MMO scene. When compared to oh shall we say WOW, or even better - Runescape, or TIBIA - Age of Conan really shines (its one of the things that keep me in game).
This is why talking about "boobish" game in relation to AOC mature content is really unfair: no one takes advantage of this (with sole exception of unfamous and already removed drunk pissing). I have yet to see a single player running around with tits haning out, while in WoW "naked banks" chars in their underpants are common sight in RP events (seen it, been there, done that). What I am trying to say if that there is very little "boobs" in this so called "boob centric" game.

With that in mind check the comic strip.

Also: post in comments the worst think that you have done in Age of Conan in terms of social behavior (so no pvp related stuff, no ganking, just social like daneing naked in trader). Lets see how bad we really are.


Anonymous said...

One time there was a big gathering of RPers in Old Tarantia docs. I have ran up to them and jumped on some boxed. They turned to me to probably RP, but I typed /fart and cut a loud one. After that I jumped down and ran away.

It was ass thing to do :D


Anonymous said...

I went to cts minigame when someone tried to RP with me in Kheshetta. :(

- Echira

Chaosopher said...

I must admit I have /farted on a few ponces who started dancing naked on the well in Tesso. It seemed logical at the time.