Friday, May 15, 2009

Cutting the fat out of hybrid specc

Seems like I was wrong on burring the hybrid specc for 1.5 - it is still there and still very gosu.
With recent quick recovery being 5/5 preq. to Excellent Ballance the changes to classic hybrid must be made, BUT we got new toys too, so it might not be as bad as it looked.

This was the classic (cookie cutter) hyrbid build.

New age build
With life leech being kick ass now, we can get this new age hybrid build.

The catch is:
- all magic resistance is gear based
- you have to pick: snap kick or GLE. I would go with snap kick because life leech fills that spot.

The benefit:
- 30s on EB, something we didn't have before (1m cd with 1/5 in EB)

Melee killer
This build provides access to new burden do bear and GLE & Snap kick with some magical resistance Melee killer

The catch is:
- FTD is gone (big loss)
- 10% evade is gone (not so good either)

The benefit:
- cut those armor open with B2B
- get better magical resistance
- 4 (!) sources of healing

Balanced hybrid
This build is very close to classic with a little twist. Balanced hybrid.

The catch is:
- FTD is gone (big loss)
- 10% evade is gone (not so good either)

The benefit:
- great magical resistance with both Lotus tainted blood and lotus overload,
- 4 (!) sources of healing
- both snap kick and GLE
- Opportunistick strike for that sweet DPS boost on opener

Dieting in general tree:
Cutting Exellent Balance and it's preq. Quick Recovery is not an option because it makes solo PVE unplayable (every guard in villa will try to knock you down, almost every fight).

Seems like balanced hybrid might just be the way to go: prediction doesn't matter as much because you will have still tons of armor and heals to make up for it and FTD...well, lotus assassins live without it, hybrid can too.

I am sure there will be other versions of hybrid and stance switching will be used a lot more (Poison stance to land GC with it's sweet debuffs) and so will be Ville Poison so we can benefit from those first 10 points we "wasted" when opening Lotus tree's tier 2.

Looking foward to seeing how will this develop.


Mr Ahab said...

I was just thinking the same. On the new age build, i would drop one point in life leech so as to get the Golden lotus extract

Slith said...

Good idea, but sadly you need full 5/5 life leech to open next tier.

I know it is do-able in editor, but do a test

5/5 stance
5/5 CS
3/3 Nightfall
5/4 life leech
1/1 necrotic leech
1/1 vampyric

can you add points to unholy armor? No :(