Sunday, May 31, 2009

Surviving the Keshatta: the social

The social aspect of Kesh is horrible. You will need to follow few rules in order not to go crazy:

#1 Assume everyone is out to kill you
This is simple one. There are no friends in Kesh, only allies. Just because you know someone from opposite guild don't expect him and his guild "not-to-kill-ye". Those things cannot be avoided and are part of pvp ruleset. Accept them asap and move on without getting upset.

#2 There is no sacred place in Kesh
You are never safe. You will kill and get killed regardless of surcomstances: talking to vendor, getting quest, going afk, STANDING NEXT TO GUARD, dueling etc. When in doubt go with rule nr 1.

#3 Avoid shit talking
This will happen regardless if its you who killed or got killed: people WILL eventually whisper you with tells like "you suck", "go pve", "reroll caster, noob". Those will most likely be from members of a big zerg. Your rule should be: never ever allow yourself to get sucked into such "conversation". You will click your whisperer and ignore that sucker, or create special tab for tells and do not open it (I have tab for pvp xp and its my main window). Understand and accept the fact that you will never "win" such argument (how can you win argument about who sucks?), you will create more drama and in the end lose time that could be spend on killing stuff. Remember that after 3-4 tells without any reaction your "shit-talker" will lose interest (its only fun if your victim is responding), in some rare cases they could be even a little embarased by their own actions. Regardless: its a win-win for you.

#4 Avoid getting into conversation
Yes, MMOs are social games first and foremost, but Kesh is not a place for a chit-chat. If someone wants to talk to you then the stay on the respad. But be polite: when killed by someone and then whispered with non-insulting stuff: reply with good old "gg", or "good fight" (gf is widely used for "girlfriend" so don't use that as short for "good fight", its confusing). To sum it up: if you want to talk then do just that, if you are pvping then its a worst time to talk at the same time.

#5 Apologize for miss-kills and miss-hits
Since Age of Conan guild alliance system doesn't exist you will see plenty of "red" characters in Kesh that could be infact your guild's allies. Take your time to LEARN those allies names. If you hit them for a lot damage, or kill them by accident or carelessness, whisper them asap, explain yourself and apologize. If you do not do it, this could create drama beyond belief, so taking your time (about 10s) to set things right could probably save you more than few dozens of minutes if things get blown out of proportions.

#6 Allow people to quest
Lower levels (77-79) are source of pvp xp aswell so there is no reason to allow them to just pass by, especially if they are from enemy guild (meaning: they will be 80' soon and they will have no mercy for you regardless of how kind you were in the past). I kill them. If they are obviouslly not interested in pvp and just want to quest in peace, I whisper them with this tell: "It was for pvp xp, nothing personal. Go on with your questing, I won't attack again". The ammount of pvp xp you will get from second kill is marginal (about 12xp?) so don't be an ass and let the man do his thing.

#7 Kill hump?
This is quite new behavor: people after killing you will jump on your corpse. I can only assume this is someting adopted from Halo games (social hell) which is famous for it's retarded part of community "humping" their kills. In Age of Conan it's neither insulting nor satisfying so ignore it all together.

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