Sunday, May 3, 2009

Quick look at Lotus assassin p.3 "One bridge too far"

I did some test of Lotus vs casters - demo and it turns out its ....well I hate to say it, but it is OP.
Quick analissis of what I think the deciding factors were:

1. Pet with it's fast casting was constantly bumping up my corrupted body giving me hell of resistance 30% of my base,
2. Arcane backlash was cuting down Demos the big hits
3. The big hits were criting and procing Lotus overload

As you can see at the very begining of the movie I was just standing still and taking it and still demo could hardly do anything - he for few brief moments he was outhealed by POT + GLE. Needless to say this was HARDLY fun for any of us. In my humble opinion FC took it "one bridge too far"

My suggestion:
change corrupted body so it gives FIXed ammount of proces:
first proc: +magic resistance
second proc: +magic resistance and +armor
third proc: +magic resistance and +armor and +hp regeneration
the bonuses should be small, but helpful so Lotus can get more survivality vs melee while retaining it's main "anti caster" theme.

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