Friday, May 8, 2009

Great changes to assassin class!

I wish I could say there have been great changes to assassin, but we didn't even get bad ones - there are no changes! Since april 17th we got one change: Necrotic Leech's particle effect should now properly move with the character as intended. Wooooh! I have no idea why every single class under the sun got something except for us. My theory is: devs found out that assassins are over balanced and that means they are balanced as hell so no patch is needed.

In other news PVP dominated Age of Conan so much that FC had to shut down Test PVP server and ask for PVE feedback. Thats good! It means: 1. FC should *REALLY* focus on pvp conent (see hilarious post by the informer) 2. PVE content is due for revamp because its hell for Lotus assassins. I made my PVE Lotus topic because I already had stuff to post.

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