Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lotus 60-70lvl

The build:

1/ build up your excellent balance to 5/5
2/ build up your toughness to 5/5 for +3,5% melee ress
Some lotus build focuses on natural protection for 80lvl pvp which is a valid but for PVE leveling - since there is hardly any good gear pre lvl80 - you will need that melee ressesistance from toughness. Also you will hardly face caster mobs as compared to melee and ranged.

with the above mentioned points you should be now with 68 points spent.

3/ Lotus overdose - for that amazing dmg buff and stamina regen
4/ Curse of lotus - aoe fear you will learn to love. Use it before pressing last combo step and then do the combo, otherwise the fear might break on damage(its not really a fear, its a charm spell)

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