Friday, May 15, 2009

Relish in whine!

If feats worked in real life I would put 1/1 into Relish in Whine to gain a souldshard everytime member of community whines about nerf.
Since ToSes are gods from the very first day no wonder the ammount of crying that is going on the forums is getting out of hand. Here is my personal favorite "engrish" post related to those bastards assassins and poor, neglected TOSes that have every right to remian Healer and DPSer and Minigame wreckers:

"You of that create? Developers! You have finished Sets to such condition that it will die as a class and you at all will not see it in game. I tested it against the barbarian: 1 prompt throw - knocking down from legs and the combination of impacts at all treatment takes away 90 % of lives. Yes to you hands for it to tear off it is necessary and to thrust there than you think ugly creatures. I any more do not speak about assasins which can kill the magician having used all impacts. More shortly at such patch you will lose classes necessary in game. And about that as ToS I will treat in road zones in general I am silent. Leave all as is and be not dishonoured, you will hate болше only for such pornography, open better stronghold Tot Amona. I all have told if this patch will leave I shall leave нахрен this excellent game with such foolish developers! That to you hands were torn off by owners АоК! Суки пазорные!!!"

see the source.


Pumpkins said...

this made me laugh out loud..

no more dps-healer.

Slith said...

this simply MUST have been feed through google translator because its so damn bad :);

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I really couldnt figure what he/she was trying to say.. ._.

Anonymous said...

ToS Nerf? about time!