Thursday, July 2, 2009

Age of caster? RLY?

I was reading yet another boring 1.5 interview (I have stoped reading them a while ago, tired of same shit repeated over and over) and I was expecting this kind of interview:

The MMO Gamer: Tell us how great 1.5 is.

Craig Morrison: its great.

The MMO Gamer: thanks for interview.

How, oh how I was pleasently suprised when MMO Gamer went this question:

The MMO Gamer: As a bookend to that last question: How do you respond to the derogatory “Age of Casters” label being applied to the patch on the boards and in global chat?
I was like: no fucking way you guys have asked that question. I mean "Age of Casters" thrown at Game Director...priceless.

Here is rather lenghty anwser:

Craig Morrison: See, that why I said, ‘outside of the balance adjustments…’ above, as that is of course where our attention has to turn now. As we have already addressed on our forums, that is definitely one of the areas that we will be looking at in the post-update tweaks and adjustments mentioned above.

There are two factors here, the first in more of a general distinction between spell using classes and melee classes in our game. The spell using classes in Age of Conan are inherently easier to play, or rather more forgiving to play that leads to the opinion of them being easier to play, and they are certainly easier to master. That element won’t really change. Those classes are a deal more forgiving and easier to really master. That said I think that I think on the other hand a really well played melee character is a far more challenging foe and adversary at the hands of a skilled and experienced PVP player.

All that said, and to get down to the bare bones of it, No, the balance there isn’t quite right out of the gate as it were in respect with 1.05 and that is an area the subsequent balance adjustments will focus on. As I mentioned above we always knew there would be issues like that this that would come out of the changes as players adapted to the new power scales and abilities. It is something we were prepared to react to and already are preparing the follow-up update to address some of these issues.

Yep, Mr.M had some explaining to do.

BALLS, I say BALLS TO THE WALLS for MMO Gamer for asking such question. Read up on this here.


dalimar said...

The big question; Is he saying "L2P" or "wait and see"?

Unsteblich said...

He is saying. "We will try to balance the game, if we can't do it, NERF!"
BTW, anyone noticed after 1.05.2 a high increase in sin DPS? Last night, i went trough 5 villas, not a single dead,and i use to die A LOT in Villas...

Pumpkins said...

ahahahahh fucking nice!!

need to post it in aoc forums too

Anonymous said...

I read same interview too and I was bit amazed that it was asked. Sadly the answer is bit "round" so hard to say if Funcom is aware of the problem... oh well at least according the whine on EU, US, and TL forums they should be. :)

Funny to see my guild list and see those new 50lvl chars which are poping out: Demo, necro, demo, demo, hox, necro, necro, demo, ToS.... :D