Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sugar dipped in honey

New blanace patch that is on Test Live right now is the sweetest thing FC have ever done for assassins.
I have nearly cryied with joy when my slow death strikes are now not only strikes, but also slow and death at the same time. How cool is that?

Check the notes here.

Let's go over the "good stuff"

Slow Death Strikes
It now has shared cooldown across all tiers of this combo. Why? Because its freaking awesome now! SS is mearly a suplement to this beast that you use when SDS is working it's magic in the background.
Also SDS has a mere 10s cooldown now. There is not much to write about this just let me tell ya that SDS will be a source of many whines, and for a change - not from assassins.

Lotus weapon. Yes baby, its there for you. You will see it in everyfight and it has a great potential. People will acually DIE from DOTs alone now. Can you imagine? I had fights when me and my opponent were at 2% of HP and I died and he lived through ever-expiring dots. Not anymore.

Curse of Lotus
It is instant now. No casting time, no animation just poof and shit is runing around you like headless chickens.
It felt really akward when I used it for first couple of times: I press button and wait for animation (as I did for last year), but the mob was already feared. Great!

The damage is up (both from offhand and dots), mobs die VERY FAST, SDS is devastating and you survivality is unparalled. Also you proc fatality now, a lot. Finaly Lotus in pve is enjoyable for a change.

Made a little video to show you how fast villa boss goes down:

I am a little afraid of a nerf. Is this supposed to be THAT EASY (and by easy I mean cool)? Or perhaps I am getting this feeling because playing lotus in pve was SO FUCKING HARD in 1.5 and now we are back to normal -this how the experience SHOULD be from DAY ONE.

Can't wait when this goes live, Xmass came early this year.

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