Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Escape artist + brutality or Lethality for PVE on PVP Server?

12AX7 wrote:

Hi Slith, what do you think about dumping 5-lethality for 3-Escape Artist and 2-Brutality for levelling in a pvp server(Lotus/general)?

PvE side I will find difficult the solo instances with Lotus/General as you wrote in a preceeding post or this is changed after 1.5.3?

Thanks and keep up the good work... best assassin blog I've seen!

Hey 12AX7 (if that is your real name ;p)

Thank you for picking my assassing blog as your source of news - it is hard to compete with all those other assassin blogs, but I try to stay competitive.

As for your question: tough call,

Lethality, even if it is not best choice for assassins, will benefit you in EVERY encounter which will translate into more damage done and that translates into more xp per hour

Brutality will bail your ass out of sticky situations when confronted by several mobs - procing fatality will do AOE damage and give temporary immunity while still being healed with GLE, pots. Read more on brutality here.

You should not get into sticky situations in a first place so my conclusion would be taking lethality, playing smart and not dieing. Brutality also has nasty cooldown and 2/3 doesnt provide as big of a benefit as 3/3.

As for escape artist... I guess it is essential for minigames and such, moreso if you are on pvp server and getting jumped at a lot while leveling.

My conclusion:

If you are going to power level to 80 then take lethality - ignore pvp and grind your xp. You will be getting huge xp from Villas (my personal recomendation, I got my lvl80 in there) and only one boss can root you there...once (Nemedian quest line).

If you are going to mix pve and pvp on your road to 80lvl then escape artist + 2/3 brutality will benefit you in both pvp and pve. Not having escape artist in minigames will make your experience horrible.

As for solo instances - Lotus/general is now a valid specc for solo instances. It is as good as corruption/general if not better. Read up more on that here.

"Readers questions" will now be part of this blog. I will *try*(TM) to anwser interesting questions found in comments, but please DO NOT abuse this and spam questions.

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12AX7 said...

Thanks! So I will stick with Lethality and try to stay away from crowded situations.

And for Lotus... it's good to be able to forget about soul fragments for a while!