Saturday, July 4, 2009

Corruption/general in pvp and pve

I know what are you thinking: "oh god, he is going to praise corruption now, please don't...". Ok, I won't, but I will share few bit of my experiences. So I went with corruption for quite a few minigames and it turns out as "decent". Here is the specc that I have used (I refuse to use up-to-date feat builder just to be an ass). Luckly the games that I have ran were fairly balanced and diverse in classes so I got my chances to try out things (olso did some random gank-jumps in Commons).

Armor and damage mitigation
With unholy armor giving only 50% boost the trade off for Lotus's outstanding magic resistance is not worth it. Yes, I can take more punch, but not THAT much to make up for loss of magic resistance. Nothing really to brag about, it is just there and it help, slightly.

Fun factor
I am not a fan of "unholy" feeling that this specc gives (how can this fit assassin at all?), BUT this build has a lot of CLICKEZ: corrupted strikes, soul strike, lunge all on 20s cooldown. This means that every fight you have something to fireoff and enjoy. I like that. Lotus runs out of things to click pretty darn fast.

Stamina issues
O-M-G, I was runing out of stamina ALL THE TIME. Forget about chasing down enemy, runing away and all that garbage - the pool will go down the toilet faster that unwanted pregnacy on a prom night. With Lotus's blindside its easy to forget that stamina is everything. I kept chasing after caster and after few second he stoped runing and turned to me while I was fesh out of stamina. What now sin-boyo? Consume souls that converts shards into stamina has absurd cooldown, it should be much shorter so you can make some use of it.

Magic resistance
Basicly you take everything up the ass when confronted by a caster. It goes through you like a knife through butter. Like I said: your damage mitigation from unholy armor doesn NOT make up for the shit you have to deal with.

The death's gaze is a fair exchange for a snap kick. You still need shard, but no need to aim. From the darkness lost it's magic, I got frozen during the animation tons of times.

Corruption has the burst, I will give it that. Even thou Lotus wins with all buffs up, Corruption can do it more often, more easly and in a more reliable way (If you get CCed as Lotus in a buff's peak, you lose a lot of that damage).

Corruption is better. Plain and simple - you survive longer, heal better and bring shit down easier. In solo instances Lotus has to fight over every inch, Corruption sails smoothly.

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Anonymous said...

Corruption is definitely awesome. After respec from Lotus, I feel almost like a tank :) — my assassin is not dying everytime there is a bigger mess. Thank you for your blog. Assassins forever :-)

PvE, Crom 56 lvl, Singhaia