Saturday, July 25, 2009

On the horizon: 1.6 just after1.05.5?

You already know the GD letter for this month so lets go into other dirty details:

Veteran Points
About damn time I can get something back for my undieing loyality.
How the system will work is not exacly clear at this point - few options are considered. Aslo every payment counts as "active subscription" so that is good news for gamecards users.

GD says that we will have atleast two more 1.05.x "hotfix" balance patches. As I type this 1.05.4 is on test live with MASSIVE changes to BS and Barb (total revamp).We can only HOPE that last patch before 1.6 - the 1.05.5 will bring assassin revamp, otherwise we are WELL and TRUELY FUCKED.

1.6 implementation
GD consideres delivering1.6 in batches of patches instead of one HUGE ASS patch that takes forever to roll out. That is a welcomed change in policy.

What will not make it into 1.6
Custom guild insignias / cloaks or banners or guild alliance system is not coming in this update.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, this old bear is excited about BS changed. Hard to see yet if those are buff or balance or nerf... will see after some testing. :)