Monday, July 6, 2009

This is how it is done

Somewhere deep under FC headquarters there is door with small label saying "assassin departament". Inside, two men sit in a small, dark room and disscuss matters of utter importance....

"....and what else did he say?
"that we should fix it or GTFO"
"Its fine, tell him we will have assassin class polished before 1.5 is even on test server"
"Its been live for 3 weeks now"
"When did that happen!!?"
"How the hell should I know? Perhaps we should google other things than our own names"
"Ok screw it, lets do some brainstorming.We will stay couple minutes after work if we have to, god damn it! I will not quit on this class and my third job in 2 months!"
"Here is what we got in terms of feedback and I quote "assassins suck, roll caster, noob"
"That is all the feedback we got?"
"That is what I got in mail"
"Hm.... I say we go back to the begining and review this class inside and out"
"Good idea. I have this nice class description from back in the beta days"
"Great, man we are so professional and shit. Read it"
"Assassins are the most lethal killers in Hyboria"
"They should be happy they didn't get nerfed, read some more"
"Those aspiring to the top of this profession face the most deadly regime of training"
How is pre 80lvl pve?"
"Crappy, most quit on lvl50"
"It's called deadly training - in it to win it and no limit is my home. That is what assassins stand for. If you can't cut it to lvl80 you should reroll caster"
"Fair enough. There is more: Those aspiring to the top of this profession face the most deadly regime of training, discipline"
I am not sure how we stand on discipline.."
"Well people whine that they have to force themself to log on their assassins"
"They are lacking the discipline, obviously"
"Man, you know this shit, no wonder they made you head-dev-sin guy"
"Shut up and read, I am raiding with my Pally tonight and want to catch some preraid battlegrounds"
"..but the ones that survive are executioners supreme"
How is 80lvl assassin population?"
"Poor at best"
"Ok so we have the survivors part nailed down. About executioners supreme..I guess we COULD fix some feats and..."
The phone rang
"Guys, we have just found out that casters are overbalanced, which means they are balanced as hell. We are currently balacing them down. I know I am asking for a lot, but you have to cancel yours departament balance patch"
"You owe me lunch, buddy"
"Thanks man"

and that is how it is done.


bartek said...

that isn't funny, that's really sad;)

Anonymous said...

Loled at this :D:D:D


Mikrodot said...

Nice1. Thumbs up :)