Thursday, July 23, 2009

[Guide] Second wind

Second wind - some deem it useless crap, while others praise it. When used this will rapidly replenish your stamina pool and... that's it - it goes on 10m cooldown.

How can you use that? Let find out.

Bigest bang for the buck
Lets say you are investing feat points in the general tree up to agile mind. First quick recovery 5/5 to open up your tree, then toughness 5/5 for more armor, excellent balance (no brainer here) and 3/3 into amazing escape artist. What do you see? Yes, you are one point short if you want to get 3/3 into agile. But what to get? One point into natural protection for +44 protection? Don't think so. Perhaps 1% evade from acrobat? Crap.How do you feel about 3,5% weapon damage that lethality gives? Yeah, not so much into that... How about feat that will bail your ass out of sticky situations? Hmmmm...
I think that second wind is indeed best option when it comes to opening other feats in general tree. Just for that - 1 feat point spent on second wind is justified in my eyes

Running out of stamina
This is abovious use. There will be many times when you will be out of stamina in a very middle of a fight. If you can't do combos then there isn't really much you can do to your opponent. Second wind will get you back into the fray on not ime.

Fight or run
If you use stamina pot, second wind and Lotus overdose you will outrun every single other class in the game. Massive stamina regeneration that comes from both of those feats will regen your whole bar...couple of times. If you use both of those feats at the same time you won't be able to even run out stamina until their duration is over. I suggest using second wind first and then Lotus overdose (otherwise you will waste too much stamina). I can't count the times this allowed me to catch up with caster or ranger that was running away or to run from a losing fight.

To sum it up: I find it worth 1 point when I feat in agile mind. I do recomend it.


JG400 said...

Just found your blog , keep up the good work ,I have manged to get to lvl 52 with pretty much no problems in PVE but basically I do so poorly at PVP that I am convinced its me and I am missing something , your blog has helped to refine my feats list , but I was alarmed to suspect I fitted into your clueless class when it comes to PVP (I do use stealth!) but haven;t really thought a great deail about armour other then to improve abilities etc. Your blog topics are very informative but I am still wondering about so many things, can u recommend a good clueless assasins guide!

Slith said...

hey JG400,

Glad you like the blog.
I am sorry, but I am not aware of any up to date (if any) basic assassin guide.

Besides, we are due for revamp so whatever info I can give is subject to change soon.

keep on stabbin'