Friday, May 29, 2009

Surviving the Keshatta: prelude

As I can honestly say I know Keshatta very well I hale decided to write a little guide on how to survive that place and come out with pvp xp and sane mind at the same time.

First a little lore:

"'My brother was Theteles, and we were of the house of Chelkus, scientists and noblemen of Ophir. By special permission of the king of Stygia, my brother was allowed to go to Kheshatta, the city of magicians, to study their arts, and I accompanied him. He was only a boy -- younger than myself...' her voice faltered and broke." -- Robert E. Howard: "The Vale of Lost Women"
So yes, that place is canon. Funcom did...oh, semi good job on that place: its more city of Priests than magicans.

Here is what players made of Keshatta.

In next post I will go over all aspects of Kesh, including it's social aspect aswell as gear, xp farming strategy and tactics in various places around the zone.

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Slith said...

Yes, I am aware that I am spelling the name of that place wrong.

In my opinion it sounds better :D