Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Assassin - welcome back guide

Here is a short guide/information that I have put together so people have easier time adjusting to 1.5 reality. This is in no way a detailed guide, for details go to past patch notes

Combo mechanics
You have to "land" every combo "step" in order to deal 100% damage. If you miss one combo step you will see one of combo's "arrow" light up red. Missing a combo step will apply penality of -5% damage.
Game mechanics
Dubble tapping and using active block no longer gives buff
Dubble tapping backwards puts evade buff on cooldown

Combo steps
Combos got their steps reduced.

Combo changes
- Lots of cooldown changes
- Grim corruption and Slow Death Strikes combo tiers now share cooldowns (example: using GCIII will put also put cooldown on GCII)

Grim corruption
a) it applies snare
b) it applies debuff. Debuff type is dependant on stance in which GC is applied.

Feat changes

Lotus tree
a) Flesh necrosis - adding points will also add damage to corrupted backlash, it is instant now, can be used while moving (upgraded)
b) Blindside - it now deals more damage and drains more stamina from your target (upgraded)
c) Lotus weapon - it now always proc, does more damage (upgraded)
d) Swift ending - it now proc sooner (uprgraded)
e) Lotus overdose - it no longer applies any penality (upgraded)
f) Furry of blows - longer duration (uprgaded)
g) Assassination - bigger bonus (uprgaded)
h) Corrupted body - it adds protection bonus on damage (reworked)
i) Curse of Lotus - limited to 12 targets, no casting time, instant (upgraded)

Corruption tree
a) Unholy Strenght - it adds 5% damage intead of 10% (nerfed)
b) Life leech - it heals more (upgraded)
c) Unholy armor - gives 50% bonus to your armor (changed, nerfed)
d) Death's gaze - it is instant now (upgraded)
e) Avatar of death - duration is 15s now from 20s (nerfed)
f) Seeds of corruption - it applies debuff for HP regeneration, if GC is used the seeds will "explode" and deal instant damage (reworked)
g) Lunge - it now adds 70% weapon damage, 20s cooldown (reworked)
h) Burden to bear - applies armor debuff, more points give higher chance to proc (changed)
i) From the darkness - it stuns, captures soul shard (changed)

General tree
a) Quick recovery - adds stamina regeneration (reworked)
b) Excellent balance - needs only 1 point, 1 m cooldown (changed)
c) Lethality - adds weapon damage, poor choice for assassins (new)
d) Agile mind - it is now clickable, each point added reduces its cooldown from 9 to 3 (reworked)
e) Ambush - it no longer gives damage boost (nerfed)

Combos usefull in PVP and PVE
Swift Strikes are still our bread and butter,
Slow Death Strikes deal a lot of damage,
Grim Corruption mainly debuffs target

How to use combos in typical PVP/PVE encounter
1) Apply debuff (Grim corruption)
2) Apply slow death strikes
3) Use swift strikes

PVE Leveling speccs

There haven't been any great changes to assassins. It safe to say that your experience and "feel" of this class will remain mostly unaffected in 1.5.

Found an error? Let me know.


Anonymous said...

I heard news from my friend: Slith - joining SCUM. A big disappointment. I have always respected you and your actions and you have inspired me even though I am just a little assassin from a RP guild.

It is sad that some people, like Slith now, don't realize that scum is a ganking guild. I know you don't tend to shit talk, gank and do unfair pvp or make other playrs gaming experience miserable but that's what SCUM is, what it was designed to be and what it still is. Maybe it's not the same at 80lvl but I have read scum suck there because they don't have the leverage of mass anymore. Maybe you should try to level up some alts to get the best imagine of this.

Trully disappointed, trully. I don't feel like to read this blog anymore.

Slith said...

Dear Anonymous,

sorry to disappoint you. I had my reasons for leaving SA, which is btw a great guild. I know SCUM members for a long time, talked with many of them and even teamed up against Empire in my sad sad days in Kesh. There is a lot of missconception about SCUM and personaly I have never seen them doing anything questionable or talking shit.

I hope that you will find it in your heart to forgive me and keep reading my blog.

12AX7 said...

Hi Slith, what do you think about dumping 5-lethality for 3-Escape Artist and 2-Brutality for levelling in a pvp server(Lotus/general)?

PvE side I will find difficult the solo instances with Lotus/General as you wrote in a preceeding post or this is changed after 1.5.3?

Thanks and keep up the good work... best assassin blog I've seen!

Slith said...

Hey 12AX7,

I have made new tag: Questions

your anwser is in new blog post.

take care,

Khalid said...

Hey Slith, great guide as always!
I was hoping you'd do something like this since many returning players are really confused if they havent played the game for 6 months or more.

I dont want to nitpick but there is some errors that I want to point out:
a) Flesh rot - .. (We are meaning Flesh Necrosis here, arent we?:)
There is also some minor errors like Lotus "overdoes" and such..

As for Slith joining SCUM, it was unexpected (for me at least:P), and I have little respect for SCUM in general. I hope you wont change your unique playstyle and most of all continue your awesome work with community. :)

Gotta' have my eyes on my back for you now, I guess. :P

Slith said...


Thanks for finding my errors, corrected them. That is always appreciated.

as for SCUM - I hope it will turn out well.

Anonymous said...

I'm not really happy about that SCUM shit either but gotta admit that SCUM is not the same as it used to be. Previosly it was a guild of assholes - now 25% of scums are there for pvp exp, 25% for friends and the rest to be assh0l-es.

In RP, who would ever want to join called Scum? Why not to join a guild Rowling retardz...

- Kamukoira


Anonymous said...

I once was an officer in SCUM.
I know how those assholes work.

And btw Slith, you still need to show me new cool places in Khemi and Common District.

Anonymous said...

Yup, welcome to SCUM Slith. Land of free for all PvP. No NAPs, no Alliances, no KoS lists to worry about. RED = Your choice what to do.

Like yesterday we was grouped and PvPed with Band of the Grey Gloves.

PS. None of SCUM officer haven't joined to different guilds so far. Couple have quited AoC.

Anonymous said...

Galadh I agree with you about this:

RED = Your choice what to do.

But this is a mask. In real game the "choice" for your little group is only killing a foe during a solo PVE in the Commons

Often your little band at the Commons remember me the Celestial's style..arrogant in group..prey if they play alone (but only few respectable member of your guild have the umility for this) :)

For Slith I have great respect for you always (like Dranoth) SCUM or not SCUM..hope to see you again fight alone like a true sin


Unknown said...


I found an error :

Game mechanics
Dubble tapping and using active block no longer gives buff
Dubble tapping backwards puts evade buff on cooldown

This is wrong. I'm not sure about active blocking, but I'm certain double tapping gives buff.

Double tapping back gives a 1 second buff, so it's short. Double tapping forward and sideways is 4 seconds I thinK.